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2260 HiPAC


2300/2240 HiPAC $75


Lube the exhaust nipple, drop the unit in slowly (do not force it) screw it in (finger tight), fill to </= 2Kpsi and you're ready. Spring not included. Your kit comes with a valve seal and steel ball. Place the ball in the striker for added spring tension. Replace the valve seal if desired.

CAUTION: This is not an install, pump to 3Kpsi, start shooting setup. Consult with actual users @ PowerMax HiPAC on Facebook for necessary modifications and how to do them safely.

2400/2250 HiPAC $85

2240+1 $90

2240+2 $105

​2240+3 $120

2250+1 $100

2250+2 $115

2250+3 $130

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HiPAC Extension

4" Extension